Prevent, Detect, and Report Real Estate Fraud

The Real Estate Scam and Fraud Exposure (RESAFE) is a unique collaboration between the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Real Estate Fraud Unit and San Luis Obispo County real estate professionals. The combined knowledge and expertise of these volunteer team members help identify the types of frauds taking place and keep on top of the ever changing tactics of scammers who seek to take advantage of San Luis Obispo County residents.

RESAFE’s mission is to prevent, detect and report real estate fraud. We strive to accomplish this through educating two groups; real estate professionals and the general public. Our industry outreach to agents, lenders, escrow companies, title companies, etc. is essential as these professionals directly participate in most real estate transactions and are the “front line of defense” since they are in an ideal position to detect warning signs and take action to prevent fraud.
Our public outreach efforts are aimed at educating the public and to provide them tools and resources to detect warning signs of real estate fraud so they can avoid becoming a victim. RESAFE also provides information on how to report incidents where you know or suspect that you or someone else has been defrauded.

Consumer Alerts

County Clerk Recorder’s office courtesy notice mail out

When ever property is transferred in San Luis Obispo county, the County Clerk Recorder’s office will mail out a courtesy notice making all parties aware of the transfer of title on the subject property.
A copy of every quitclaim deed (except those submitted by title companies) triggers mailing a copy of the quitclaim and the courtesy notice. Every notice of trustee sale triggers the mailing of the foreclosure advisory notice.
This is being done to ensure all parties to the property are aware of the change in status, in an ongoing effort to promote awareness and prevent fraudulent real estate activity in San Luis Obispo county.

Home Mortgage Relief Through Litigation Scam

March, 2011

Home Mortgage Relief Through Litigation and “Too Good to Be True” Claims Regarding Its Use to Avoid and/or Stop Foreclosure, Obtain Loan Principal Reduction, and to Let You Have Your Home “Free and Clear” of Any Mortgage).
This alert is written to warn consumers about marketing companies and others that offer and sell false hope and request the payment of upfront fees for so-called class litigation that will supposedly result in extraordinary home mortgage relief.

California Real Estate Fraud Report

The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney's Real Estate Fraud Unit investigates and prosecutes crimes involving recorded real estate documents. Criminal real estate fraud may involve home equity fraud, securities fraud tied to real estate, and loan fraud.

Victims of criminal real estate fraud and predatory lending schemes are often senior citizens and people with limited English speaking abilities. Real estate fraud strikes at the heart of the American dream, where a sophisticated criminal can victimize dozens of people by stealing their life savings and their home.

Persons who believe they may be victims of real estate fraud are encouraged to download the PDF form, fill out and return a Real Estate Fraud Complaint Form for our review.

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The mission of RESAFE is to provide information and resources to assist residents of San Luis Obispo county who are concerned about preventing, avoiding, or reporting potential real estate fraud activity.

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